Young woman typing at a laptop, ready to write a helpful moving review

How to write a helpful moving review

Finding a moving company may seem easy at first, considering all online search platforms and a bunch of commercials around you. Still, you need to be sure that you have found reliable and trustworthy professionals for your moving needs, no matter if you’re moving locally, long-distance, or even internationally. You need to check many things to ensure that you are hiring pros. The crucial things are a company’s reputation and reviews of previous clients. It’s easy to realize why moving reviews are so critical. They have a significant influence on making the right choice. If you have recently had a moving experience, don’t hesitate and write a helpful moving review. It will not only help others who are relocating, but it will also encourage the company to keep on doing a great job. This article will teach you how to do it correctly and easily.

Where to begin?

When you want to write a useful moving review, start with the research process. Explain how you found the particular moving company. Was it a recommendation from someone you trust, was it through social media platforms or promotional material? Then, mention all the services that you needed. Give as many details as you can. Does a moving company also offer a quality packing service? Future clients will have more confidence when they read a detailed review. They also want to know how much money you spent based on moving distance, services included, and the number of the transported items.

Just a friendly reminder: make sure to spell the name of the moving company correctly, because, around the world, many companies share a similar name. If you make a mistake, you can give the wrong information and recommendation, even if it’s just a one-letter typo.

Empty apartment with packed cardboard boxes before moving
Mention all the services the moving company provided, including packing service.

Be honest

If you have decided to write a helpful moving review, it should sound different from those artificial feedbacks and fake moving reviews that many companies have on their pages. By being truthful and giving enough details and valuable information, you will back up your testimony. It’s crucial to be honest when sharing your experience with others. People will appreciate the help and, more than anything else – honesty.

Where to write a helpful moving review?

These are some common places where you can post your moving review, so others in a similar situation may read it at the right moment:

  • Social network profile: The easiest way is to post a moving review is on your social network profile, but readers will be limited only to your group of friends.
  • Websites related to moving: A handy place to write a moving review is on various moving-related websites.
  • A moving company’s website: The most helpful place to write your review is on a moving company’s official website. People who want to find opinions about a specific moving company will be very grateful. Having all the information in one place saves people a lot of time, and you know how valuable someone’s time is.
Man wearing gray long-sleeved shirt sitting at a desk and typing on a laptop
The best place to write a helpful moving review is on a company’s official website.

What to underline?

You should give readers all the relevant information about your relocation. Describe your experience precisely. Each review should be unique to have credibility. Readers will be able to recognize that you are writing from your own, real experience and eventually, they will be able to choose only reputable service providers. You will help them realize that particular movers aren’t scammers (which is unfortunately common these days).

The positive and negative experience

To write a helpful review, you shouldn’t focus only on the positive aspects. Include the negative, as well, if there were any. You may prevent others from making the same mistake as you did, while it will also be beneficial for the moving company because they will try to improve their service and customer experience.

What details and points should you include?

A review should always be objective. If you’re not sure about the details you should include, consider these:

  • The date and location of your move – it’s essential for readers to find a certain similarity between your situation and theirs. Was the move local, or you had an international relocation?
  • Talk about your experience with the staff and customer service – The most important information potential clients want to know is about the company’s team. Be sure to write about their behavior towards clients. Were they polite and patient? Were they willing to answer all your questions?
  • Write about their punctuality – In every business, punctuality is of immense importance. Inform others if movers were there on time for all your appointments (for the moving estimate, the pick up at your former location, and the delivery date at your new address).
  • How did they handle unexpected situations beyond their control (if there were any)? Those may include traffic jams, extreme weather conditions, etc. Professionals should work well under pressure, and they must adapt to all current situations, even if they are unplanned or unusual.
  • Write if all appropriate precautions were taken and all COVID-19 protocols followed.
  • Confirm if your belongings arrived on time and were appropriately handled. Did something arrived damaged, or was everything carefully protected?
  • Describe if the movers provided satisfying service considering your special requests, in case you had any.
  • Did you have to pay any additional charges that haven’t been previously mentioned?
  • Do you believe the total moving cost was proportional to the quality of the services provided? Even though people need to minimize the moving costs, they need quality service more than anything else.

Review your overall experience

To conclude your review, you need to summarize the whole experience for other potential clients. Focus on your collaboration if the movers did what was necessary for a successful move. Mention if you would recommend them to a close friend or a family member and whether you would hire the same moving company again for a different relocation in the future.

Couple giving high five while standing near a pile of boxes after moving
At the end of the review, summarize your whole experience.


Years of experience and the number of satisfied clients are the two crucial factors people consider when choosing a moving company. When you’ve unpacked and settled down in a new environment, don’t procrastinate and write a helpful moving review. It will help others going through the same challenging situation you were recently in. You probably agree that moving is one of the most stressful situations in life since you don’t move only boxes but a whole life. Who you have by your side through the process is of great importance. Sharing your experience may take only a few minutes of your time, but it can mean the world to someone.