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Things to Know if You Don’t Use Professional Moving Services

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If the moving day is coming closer, you need to start planning the process on time. One of the first things we want to sort out is the moving budget. Here, we conclude that hiring professionals tends to be pretty expensive and decide to go for a DIY move. And that’s fine! However, if you don’t use professional moving services, there are several things to consider so you can do it like a pro. In this guide, you’ll learn more about DIY moves to make sure you’re ready for the challenge.

DIY moves vs. professional moving services

If you are considering whether to hire professionals or perform a DIY move, it is crucial to evaluate the situation to ensure your option is cost-effective and safe before you make a decision which way to go. One of the most significant advantages of DIY moves is the cost. They are generally less expensive, as you don’t need to pay professionals to do the work. However, relocating on your own brings more risks of damage, injury, and eventually pending more on the move. On the other hand, hiring experts will ensure you and your items are protected – yet these services come with a price. So be sure to know possibilities and risks if you don’t use professional moving services and go for a DIY move.

calculator and money
calculator and money

Consider the cost, as well as the potential risks of DIY moves, so you can decide if you should use professional moving services or not.

Things to consider when moving on your own

If you feel confident about doing this on your own, make sure you consider the following tips. They will help you stay safe during the moving process and avoid unpleasant surprises.

Decide on the basics

The first thing to do is schedule your moving day and decide on the basic details of the move. Depending on the size of your move and the distance to your new home, you have a few options to reach the new address:

  • Ask a friend to lend you their pickup truck – in case you know someone who can help you with this, and if you don’t have too many items, this pickup truck will do just fine.
  • Use POD services – if lending a truck is not your option, PODS can help with smaller-sized moves. Pack your items in a container that will be loaded and shipped safely.
  • U-haul rentals– If you have a valid driving license, you can rent a trailer from Uhaul and relocate by yourself. You can also rent moving trucks in different sizes, depending on how many items you have.

Finally, you have the option to split the tasks you need to do with professionals – move most of the items yourself, but hire moving pros to help you with heavy, bulky items. This is undoubtedly a safer choice if you don’t have the skill and tools to handle tricky things.

Find someone to assist you

As there will be no professionals to help you out, you can always ask friends or family to do that. Recruit some of them to help you with packing or loading the items on a moving day. However, don’t forget to say thanks – ensure there are snacks and refreshments for everyone.

If you start on time, you can pack on your own, but try to find someone to help you on the moving day.

packing on your own if you don’t use professional moving services
packing on your own if you don’t use professional moving services

Purge your home before you start packing

Reducing the number of moving boxes will save you time packing and reduce the moving costs. Get rid of everything you don’t use or need anymore. Although it doesn’t seem like that at first, there are probably many items that don’t belong in your new home. Damaged electronics, old plates, and half-broken cups, old documents, and expired foods – get rid of them as soon as possible. Also, if there are any items you rarely use but are still in good condition should find a better home for them now. Donate or sell them to make space for the new stuff and make your move easier.

Bonus tip: If unwanted items start to pile up, consider organizing a garage sale a couple of weeks before moving. Your neighbors or passers-by may find something they need, and you’ll even make money from this decluttering project.

Pack efficiently

The most time-consuming step of each move is surely packing. That’s why you need to get ready and make sure you’re efficient and fast. Here are the primary steps to successful packing time:

  • Obtain enough packing materials – make the list of items you’ll be moving and get enough packing supplies. Moving boxes in various sizes, packing paper, heavy-duty tape (possibly with a tape gun), peanuts, and some markers.
  • Label everything – as you’re putting items into boxes, make sure you write what’s inside on the lid. Also, it’s a good idea to color code boxes or label them some other way, to know where each box should go. This will make unpacking more manageable, as you can immediately sort the boxes in appropriate rooms.
  • Use other items from your home for storage and protection – to save space and be more practical, you can use towels or linens for wrapping fragile items. Furthermore, your suitcases and gym bags can serve as containers. However, be sure to pack any valuable or fragile items properly in an adequately sealed moving box.
two people packing for the move
two people packing for the move

Efficient packing and labeling make unpacking easier after the moving day.

Organize the moving day

You can expect that your moving day will be hectic and challenging. But you can be one step ahead of it and prepare for everything to go smoothly even if choose not to use professional moving services. Firstly, organize the loading/unloading order of your moving boxes. Next, make sure there’s someone to take care of your kids and pets – it’s best they stay away from heavy boxes and dismantled furniture pieces.

Finally, ensure you have your essentials packed and ready for the moving day and the first night in the new home. Pack all the necessary clothes, basic toiletries, beddings, and chargers – the main things you’ll need on the big day. This will save you from unpacking multiple boxes to find something you need, which is very helpful after a hard day of packing, loading, and traveling. After all, if you don’t use professional moving service, you will do everything yourself and feel doubly tired.